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 is the simple, practical, and free way of sending large files directly from your own e-mail address without having to open and manage a new e-mail account.  Sign up and begin using it now!

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One of the most utilized operations over the internet is that of sending files (such as word, exel, photo, .jpg, .ai, .zip, .pdf, etc.) from one computer to another. The method most used is that of attaching a file to an e-mail.  This method when sending files of medium to large dimensions is often problematic for the following reasons: 

  • E-mail programs convert all files to a text file called MME attachment rendering them usually 30% larger than the original file,
  • An e-mail goes through the internet in search of the mailbox of the addressee,
  • Many attachments become corrupted during the course of its journey,
  • Many ISP have limitations of the file size allowed to send, 
  • Many companies have restrictions of the file size allotted,
  • Many viruses usually arrive via an attached e-mail because the e-mail address can be hidden.

The answer to all of this is  After registering using our simple form (purposefully done for security reasons), we send your file to our server and an e-mail is then sent to the recipient with your personal message, notifying the person that a file was sent by you and is waiting to be downloaded.  A personal security key is created.  If you would like to know more, please click on How it Works, or go to the folder, Info

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